Venus by Belleza

You may have heard that Belleza is releasing a mesh body soon. I have a couple of teaser pics to share with you. They are working on a few more tweaks, but it should be out very, very soon! In the meantime, these are completely raw images. All I did was crop them. She’s named for a goddess, and I’m not gonna lie… I feel like one wearing this body!


Venus comes with two versions. One version comes complete with hands and feet (all one piece, attached to the body itself), which are controlled by the hud. There are three versions of the feet (flat, medium and high), and 16 different hand positions, all controlled by the hud as well. The hud, btw, is wonderfully easy to use. It’s very clearly labeled, and everything you need is in one hud. The other version of the body is compatible with the SLink hands and feet. In the pic below I am featuring L.Warwick shoes that will be available at the Le Ponpon Sweet 60s event in October.

Shy Goddess

Stay tuned for more info on Venus soon…


Belleza: Emily skin – Makeup 4 The Arcade
Belleza: Venus body (lingerie is included)
Truth: Posy hair – reds
IKON: Hope eyes – Utopia
Mon Cheri: Falsies
L.Warwick: Aurora – Oxford heels – White (coming October 15th to Le Ponpon)
Repose: Luscious – pose 4 (pic 1), Shy – pose 5 (pic 2)


The September round of We <3 Role-Play is underway, and I am really late in blogging my first post for it thanks to bronchitis in RL. I’m starting to feel better and I just couldn’t wait to show you this incredible Sassenach dress from Junbug, available at this round of We <3 Role-Play. This gown comes in one color… a lovely, autumnal brown with a green corset inset. But, there's an add-on hud sold separately (for 50% off during We <3 RP!) that gives you multiple color options and allows you to individually color the skirt, bodice, corset and even the inner cuffs. There are so many possibilities, and it's a truly stunning gown. I chose Tableau Vivant's new Upshaw updo, available at Collabor88 with this gown. This hair has three different versions of bangs available, and I’m wearing the long bangs version here.

Ready for the ball

Also at We <3 Role-Play, from Keystone, is this gorgeous Fae'Leth headpiece. Again, I'm breaking my "I don't wear/like gold" rules, but I just loved this piece and I thought it looked awesome with Junbug's dress. I'm also wearing Perle, just one of five new Cae releases available at Jewelry Fair 2014. I love how delicate and elegant this set is. My skin is another makeup from Belleza’s new Emily, which is, of course, available at current round of The Arcade.



Belleza: Emily skin – Makeup 13 The Arcade
Tableau Vivant: Upshaw – Long bangs – Version B Collabor88
IKON: Hope eyes – green
Mon Cheri: Falsies lashes
Keystone: Fae’Leth headpiece – Zircon We <3 Role-Play
Cae: Perle set Jewelry Fair
Junbug: Sassenach gown (HUD add-on used to change colors, sold seperately) We <3 Role-Play
SLink: Mesh hands casual & flat
Cae: Duchess ring
A:S:S: Bridal nails collection 2 for SLink hands
Repose: Jewel – pose 3 (not yet for sale)
Location: Fallen Gods

A place for dreaming

Now that it’s gotten a bit easier to get into The Arcade, I wanted to share some lovely home decor items you can find there. First up, tarte. This gorgeous Autumn Cottage is the rare, but every piece in this set is lovely.

Autumn Cottage

On my porch is one of What Next’s cute and comfy chairs, along with a rocking chair and knitting basket from vespertine. The doormat, complete with sleeping kitty, is from Sway’s. All of these items (not the pumpkin!) are available at The Arcade.

Cozy Porch

Inside, the walls and ceiling have an old, aged feeling that, if it happened in your RL house would probably be cause for repair work, but in SL it’s a lovely effect that creates a warm, lived-in feeling! This gorgeous bed is also by tarte, but it is a mainstore release. My sleeping puppy, is the Ispachi Florian puppy that is just too cute for words. And it breathes. It’s utterly adorable. The slippers are also from the Ispachi set, as is the chest against the wall by the windo. I’ve placed another of What Next’s chairs in the corner. All the rest of the items are from tarte’s set.

A room made for dreaming

Be sure to check out the official Shopping Guide to help plan your Arcade wish lists and shopping trips!

tarte: Early Autumn – Autumn Cottage – RARE The Arcade
What Next: Malmo chair – Fox The Arcade
vespertine: Autumn Home Essentials – rocking chair – wood, knitting basket The Arcade
Sway’s: Door mat – Cats The Arcade
11th Hour: Pumpkin lantern
Pilot: Barrel Pumpkin Display
A.D.D Andel!: Pumpkin cart and pumpkin basket
Dysfunctional Designs: mesh trees, orchard trees – apple
Half-Deer: Lighted Pathway – Planks – light wood w/moss
Turnip’s: Skydome w/autumn add on textures

tarte: dreamer’s bed – brass
tarte: Early Autumn – hanging wall art, worn chest, striped rug, pillow stack, rotary phone, old wood table, books & tea, picture frame (mint), tin vase & twig, small wall art The Arcade
Ispachi: Florian – Trunk – Eggshell, Flipflops – Pink, Sleeping Puppy In Basket RAREThe Arcade
What Next: Malmo chair – Blush The Arcade

Collabor88 Last Call!

I wanted to share a few more goodies from the current (but nearly over) round of Collabor88. Remember, this is the birthday round, which is even bigger and better than usual rounds, with lots of guest stores. It’s not one you want to miss!

I rarely ever wear (yellow) gold. I’m just not a fan. But I loved the muted gold of this sexy ISON dress, and of all the jewelry creators I know in SL, none do gold better than Caelan Hancroft of Cae. Her gold is soft and pretty, not brassy or too yellow. So I was perfectly happy to don the Odyssey headband from her Collab set with my dress. Between these pretty golds and my platform decorated for fall, I had Fields Of Gold (this version) in my head as I worked, and that inspired this shot.

Fields of gold

Here is a better look at the headband, and also a close up of Artemis, Glam Affair’s skin for Collab’s birthday! My hair is from Magika, who is one of the birthday guests.


This next look features a gorgeous dress from SySy’s which is available at Collabor88, along with this beautiful long hair from Exile. My sexy, strappy heels are from Glamistry for the SLink high feet.

Afternoon date

In this close up you can see my Bolt necklace, which is Cae’s other offering at Collabor88. Also, check out my gorgeous skin! This is Emily, by Belleza, for The Arcade. Yes, The Arcade is again upon us, and I have plenty to share from it in future posts, so stay tuned. This is the rare in Medium… there are three rares, all very similar, with this minimalistic makeup style & freckles, but in different skintones. In all there are 15 gorgeous versions of Emily to be collected. Each one includes three brow color options and a no brow option you can use your own tattoo brows with instead. Also included is a glossy version of the lipstick and moles! All for L$100 per play.

Emily by Belleza

For all the info on The Arcade (including its brand new location), visit the official website.


Look 1:
Glam Affair: Artemis – Jamaica 3 Collabor88
Magika: Harmony Collabor88
IKON: Promise eyes – Parchment
Mon Cheri: Falsies lashes
Cae: Odyssey headband Collabor88
ISON: Divine dress – gold Collabor88
SLink: Mesh hands – casual, mesh feet – high
L.Warwick: Cordelia – heels v1 – tan
Studio Skye: Enchanted Woods trees
Organica: Dried wheat
Pose: Okay, so I goofed. The prop is #1 from Kirin’s Autumn Leaves set. But… I was apparently in a different pose when I wore it and it never changed, and so I apologize but I don’t know what or who’s pose I am in! *hangs her head in shame*

Look 2:
Belleza: Emily skin – makeup 2 The Arcade
Hair: Exile – Letters & Lipstic Collabor88
IKON: Promise eyes – Evening
Mon Cheri: Falsies lashes
Cae: Bolt necklace Collabor88
SySy’s: Odessa dress – blue Collabor88
SLink: Mesh hands – casual, mesh feet – high
Glamistry: ANEMUNA Heels
Location: Izzie’s sim

Desert Dreams

I have some Collabor88 home style to share today. You still have a brief time to go grab these goodies, so be sure to head over before their big birthday bash comes to an end.

Kuro is a guest at Collab’s birthday, and has a gorgeous bedroom set. I decided to take the opportunity to showcase it in one of the rooms of Jasmine, Scarlet Creative’s prefab available at the event. As is a hallmark of Charlotte Bartlett’s work, this build features beautiful windows, and plenty of them! The detail is really stunning, as you can see below.

Desert Dreams

I really love the fountains and planters from Lark Collab, too. Here, I am featuring the fountain. I love water, and I figured my desert inspired home could use some! This was also photographed in the Jasmine home.

Ariel's Fountain

Stay tuned for one final post of goodies from Collabor88’s birthday sometime in the next couple of days!


Scarlet Creative: Jasmine prefab – colorful Collabor88
Kuro: Anfisa bedroom set Collabor88
Lark: Desert yoga rug 2
Sway’s: Petal Fountain – Earth Rare (former Fantasy Gacha Carnival item)
Pixel Mode – Somewhere in Time Broken Pocketwatch Clock
Botanical: Prickly Pear Cacti
Turnip’s: Skydome w/sand texture add on pack
Lark: Atlantis Fountain – Blue Collabor88

Happy Birthday, Collabor88!

The current round of Collabor88 celebrates three years of this awesome event. As is the custom every year, the birthday edition is HUGE! I have many things I want to share so I won’t blather on.

First up a bit of decor. All the times in this pic, save for my Turnip’s skydome and Botanical cacti, are from Collab’s birthday bash. Full credits will follow, but this beautiful build is from Scarlet Creative. There’s a version of this build without the bright colors, but I really loved them so I went for the colorful one.

Where the goddess relaxes

If you’re a skin junkie (like me), you’re in luck because there are multiple skin stores participating in Collab’s birthday round. Below you can see one of the versions of Belleza’s lovely Grace skin, available at Collabor88. My gorgeous jewels by Cae are coming soon to the next round of Fit For A Princess.

Lady In Waiting

I have been lacking in home and garden posts of late, so I decided to stage my pic in the lovely new Lima Bean home from Windsong (formerly emm*shop), with some beautiful, romantic furniture from Pixel Mode. My lovely lingerie is by Blacklace.

Long Distance Love

I will have more from Collabor88’s birthday round in the next few days… stay tuned!


Pic 1:
Scarlet Creative: Jasmine house – colorful Collabor88
8f8: Blossom Throne – Poseidon Collabor88
Second Spaces: Odyssey pillow stack, Odyssey wall art Collabor88
tarte: ceramic sun mirror Collabor88
Zigana: Odyssey dresser – forest Collabor88
Commoner: Bolt Statue Collabor88
Apple Fall: Charlotte’s Pears, Key Lamp Collabor88
Kuro: Anfisa side table Collabor88
Turnip’s: Skydome with sandy texture add on
Botanical: Prickly pears

Pics 2 & 3
Home credits:
Windsong: Lima Bean house
Pixel Mode: Josephine bed, nightstand, covered lamp
floorplan: Eiffel Tower marquee light

Fashion credits:
Belleza: Grace skin – C88 med 7 Collabor88
Truth: Freya hair – reds
IKON: Promise eyes – Scoria
Mon Cheri: Falsies lashes
Blacklace: Bellios lingerie – black & nude
Cae: Entwined set Fit For A Princess (coming soon!)
SLink: Casual hands, medium feet
L. Warwick: Luscious platform heels (for SLink) – Noir
Infiniti: Female basics pose – 45

Tempting FATE

I really loved this outfit from FATEplay’s most recent release. This one was a post-apocalyptic, nuclear war inspired release, and all of the outfits include wristband radiation detectors. I’m not wearing that in this pic, though, because I fell for the old west sort of look this particular outfit offered, and decided to take it to an old west inspired sim! I used the Destination Guide and found Salt Lake City, Utah – 1872 to be suited to my needs. My hair is from Elua, a store I discovered during the recent Hair Fair. I really loved this particular hair because it includes a version designed for use with hats! It’s SO hard to find hair flat enough on top to work with most hats, so I thought this was ingenious. The fabulous pose, complete with wind blown props, is from Infiniti.

Hold on to your hat

I’m sick (stupid, rotten late summer cold), so I’m lagging a bit with posting. But I’ll have more soon, promise!


Essences: Linka skin – TDRF medium 01 The Dressing Room Fusion
Elua: Shena hair – reds
IKON: Promise eyes – Scoria
FATEplay: Willow outfit (includes hat) – Alternate
Maitreya: Devi booties – Black
Infiniti: Dust in the Wind prop pose 4

Almost Autumn

Where I live, Autumn comes early. And the truth is, that’s just fine by me. It’s my favorite season. By late July, I’m ready. Already, the leaves on the aspen trees here are hinting at turning, there is a crisp bite to the evening and morning air, and I know we’re just a few short weeks from full on autumn. So I decided it was time to do some fall decorating at home in SL.

I’ve blogged the Trompe Loeil Rivershire Waterwheel three times (counting this) now, which shows you how much I love it. I wish there was a larger version, with a few extra rooms. I’d live in it constantly. But it still works perfectly for blog posts, and in this case I was imagining an autumn getaway cottage. The beautiful fireplace library is part of a set from Ravenghost (as is the rug) for the current round of We <3 Role-Play.


I thought this little corner near the beautiful staircase would make a perfect breakfast nook. My old man KittyCatS Meowzers photobombed (well, okay if by photobombed one means I posed him there, then yes, he photobombed). DIGS recently released this lovely Iversen dining set that is simply perfect for smaller spaces like this one.

Breakfast nook


Trompe Loeil: Rivershire Waterwheel
Ravenghost: Library Fireplace & Rug We <3 Role-Play
Dysfunctional Designs: Library bookpiles, Rustic book bench A
What Next: Charlotte Floor Pillows – Autumn
DIGS: Iversen dining set – teak
floorplan: milk bottle vase
Art Dummy: Nourish breakfast items past Arcade
junk: wannabe boho rug 1 past Arcade, cube pouffe – greyhound
Half+Deer: Sleeping Italian greyhound – fawn w/bed
Culprit: Pretty Pear teacups


The current round of We <3 Role-Play is full of fierce. On Sunday morning, Charisma IM'd me and told me she wanted to do a pic together using this Rack pose. Without planning it, we wound up in nearly identical outfits. Now, despite what you may have heard in her version of the tale, I am not her love slave! Not even sometimes. Glares in the direction of the East Coast. However, I do love her crazy face. So I’ll forgive her. This time. But I think I could take her in a fight. What do you guys think? :P


Be sure to head over to We <3 Role-Play for all the goodies.


PS. My awesome hair is from Tableau Vivant for Collabor88’s birthday. I’ll have more birthday goodies from Collab to share soon, so keep an eye out.


On Lucie:
Lara Hurley Skins: Fae – Smokey eyes – Pale Uber
Tableau Vivant: Legend Hair (w/crown) – Persephone – Autumn Collabor88
IKON: Promise eyes – Feldgrau
Mon Cheri: Falsies lashes
Alchemy: Lok Armor Breast Plate & Collar – Burned We <3 Role-Play
Pixicat: Areve – Rogue Pants We <3 Role-Play

On Charisma:
Belleza: Ria Skin – Med 1
IKON: Promise Eyes – Starfall
Tableau Vivant: Nyoki Hair w/ Feathers We <3 Role-Play
ieQED: Rose Pauldron Obsidian We <3 Role-Play
Alchemy: Lok Armor Breast Plate Burned We <3 Role-Play
Noodles: Kara Leather Collar and Bracers Red Silver We <3 Role-Play
SLink: Avatar Enhancement Hands
Pixicat: Areve – Rogue Pants We <3 Role-Play
RACK Poses: We Run The World prop pose We <3 Role-Play